Saturday, February 04, 2012

2011 Finishes

Looking at my blog I have noticed that I haven't posted anything in almost a year. I would love to say something big and wonderful happened, like we won the lottery, but that didn't happen and reality is I got lazy. Plain and simple. Good thing is I just got lazy in posting and not stitching! :) However I haven't stitched a whole bunch but I did have a few finishes from last year.

1.) Sunflower Fairy-Nora Corbett

2.) QS Fairy Tales-Heaven and Earth Designs

4.) Boo Moon-Blackberry Lane Designs

3.) My Baby Duck-Cross Stitch and Country Crafts

Like I said a few finishes. Nothing impressive.

So for 2012 I have a couple UFO's, and a couple of WIP's and my goal is to finish all of them this year.....if not all at least all my UFO's. I know one of them I started back in 2007.


1.) Topaz Fairie
2,) Fairy Roses
3.) Moonlight's Visit


1.) The Biggest Stash
2.) Spring Fairy

I had 4 finishes last year, I think I should be able to do 5 this year.


wot said...

Don't say nothing impressive, you have finished a HAED and that is something I didn't manage to achieve _ever_. Also I love your Sunflower Fairy, I always wanted to stitch her.

Sally said...

Your finishes are gorgeous Dawn. Lovely to see you posting.

Unknown said...

you blogged you blogged :D woohoo lovely finishes and you better be here more often lol xxx